HANDBALL OFF-SEASON 2019 - 6 weeks S&C program


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Category: HANDBALL

This OFF-SEASON S&C program consists of 6 comprehensive training weeks. This product (e-book) has two parts: Theoretical Part and Practical one.
Practical part is divided into three main components: Gym, Athletics and Fundamentals of Olympic Weightlifting.

6 Weeks training schedule consists of:
➕RAMP-UP week (opening, assessment, ramp-up) 
➕DELOAD week (closing, cool-down)

All of this is specifically designed and tailored for handball players off-seasons.

By purchasing this product, you will receive:

  • Basic theoretical knowledge of physical preparation 
  • Complex performance assesment 
  • Practical part containing three components (Gym, Athletics, Olympic Lifts)
  • 99+ videos as a part of Exercise Library
  • 6 training weeks described and explained in detail 
  • 33 training sessions
  • Membership in a private FB group