OFF-SEASON 2020: PHASE 1 / Anatomical Adaptation


Handball OFF-SEASON 2020: Phase 1

4 weeks Strength & Conditioning program

Phase 1/3 - Designed specifically for Post-Corona Handball OFF-SEASON

Training Week: 3 sessions for GYM + 2 sessions for ATHLETIC

890 Kč
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This "POST-CORONA" OFF-SEASON S&C program consists of 3 separated Phases and it's built to ensure that you will get in your peak form after corona pandemic situation. 

This is PHASE 1/3 and it will last for 4 comprehensive training weeks. Every week has 3 gym sessions (anatomical adaptation) and 2 athletic sessions (mostly aerobic capacity/power).

This product (e-book) has two parts: Theoretical Part and Practical one.
Practical part is divided into two main components: Gym, Athletics.


So, why you need PHASE 1 right now?:

  • Specifically designed and built so you gain back what you have lost during corona lockdown
  • You need to adapt again to load and intensities of your sport and following physical preparation
  • You need to built back your aerobic capacity as well as tissue, tendon and muscle capacities

By purchasing this product, you will receive:

  • Basic theoretical knowledge of physical preparation
  • 200+ videos as a part of Exercise Library
  • 4 training weeks described and explained in detail
  • 20 training sessions
  • Membership in a private FB group
  • Solid strength and conditioning level (fitness) for following weeks and months

After the Phase 1 (4 Weeks), we will still got your back with Phase 2 and eventually Phase 3.